Yellow X 15


so why use Hi-Vis leads? here's the thinking behind it. There are generally 2 schools of thought. firstly a high vis lead is likely to draw the attention of a passing Carp in exactly the same way as a bright coloured hook bait, drawing them in to investigate and in to range of your bait. 

the other idea behind this is quite simple, Carp in general are not stupid, underwater footage has shown Carp actively avoiding bright coloured hook baits and mopping up the surrounding free offerings, they still move in as they are aware there will be a free meal, so the idea is they will see the lead, move in for their free lunch (avoiding the lead as they would a bright hook bait) and picking up the free offerings scattered around, which just happens to be your perfectly presented washed out hook bait. 

we have been providing these colours as custom orders since we launched back in January, but as the demand has continued to increase month after month we decided to offer them as standard. Carp anglers who use these already are absolutely adamant they provide them with a significant edge especially on high pressure commercial fisheries and difficult syndicates.