• Shelf life Maize 5KG


    Maize has become a staple loose feed and hook bait option in UK and abroad and for good reason, Carp simply love it, highly visible along with strong taste, smell and palatability. 

    Can be used on its own, or added along with boilie, ground bait, stick mixes etc. Supplied in 5KG sealed bag!

    With all our shelf life particle options, they are prepared, measured out in to 5kg bags and then preserved using our unique blend of salts and human grade preserve, making our shelf life options some of the best value available anywhere!

    We were determined to produce a high quality, durable long lasting particle, that reduces waste for the Angler (can be kept in a sealed bucket after opening for approximately 30 days if  stored in a cool place) that is also PVA friendly, improving its practicality and range of uses. The particle still carries water, so when placed into a bag or Stick (mesh) it needs to be used within 15 minutes as the PVA will begin to melt after this point. (time dependant on chosen PVA brand) This time can be increased significantly by adding rock salt to your mix whilst on the bank if you want to make a number of bags up in preparation.