Build your own Mix

Please add 2 or more ingredients form the following:- Hemp, Maize, Tigers, Maple peas, Buckwheat, Groats, Red Dari, Black Rapeseed

sometimes we all like to do our own thing and standard mixes may not be what your looking for, so we decided on a perfect solution, to give our customers the opportunity to simply build their own mix. 

all custom mixes are an even mix of your chosen ingredients (so if you order Hemp and Maize for example it wont be 75% Maize and 25% hemp as maize is cheaper to use) you also have the option of us keeping the water its prepared in and sending packed and frozen along with your chosen particle (its like rocket fuel for your boilies when used as a soak during re-hydration)  and also the option to boost your particle with Molasses (super sweet, smells amazing and carp absolutely love it!) 

Simply select any 2 or more from the following, then your personal mix, will be freshly prepared, frozen and shipped straight to you, within 2-3 working days. 






Red Dari

Maple peas

Black Rapeseed