• 15 X Sand Flat Matte


    After more than 6 months of development and testing we are happy to announce the arrival of our Flat Matt range. We are the only company in the UK to have successfully developed a method of thermoplastic coating for Leads that gives a completely Matt coating without the use of additives that are toxic to aquatic life and still have a perfectly smooth finish.

    Since we started out, we noticed that a lot of anglers were concerned about the possibility of their leads being 'shiny' on the lake bed and so, continued to use painted/dipped leads from other suppliers at a significantly higher cost (as nearly all are imported from overseas) even with the disadvantage of the paint/dip chipping upon impact with a hard/rough surface. 

    With this in mind we began developing our Matt range, to give our customers all the benefits of thermoplastic coatings with none of the perceived negatives of being glossy or painted/dipped, and at the same time still being able to offer exceptional Value for money.